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Servicing Austin’s electrical needs since 2006

Yep, We’re From Here

We are proud to be able to say that we are from the Lake Travis area and have been providing this region with expert commercial and residential electrical contracting for more than a decade. Star Tech promises you friendly and highly trained electrical specialists who have completed or even exceeded all requirements for safety and regulatory training.

Two Are Better Than One

We also pride ourselves on always ensuring we have two electrical technicians on the job because it enhances safety and ensures an extremely high level of service quality, without increasing the costs for our customers. Give our electricians for hire a chance to earn your business for residential or commercial electrical needs, and we promise you will be more than satisfied.

Licensed and Insured

Our team of licensed and insured electricians stays up to date with all the latest in emerging technologies and regulatory requirements. Plus, our capabilities are much more comprehensive than installing light switches and repair circuit breakers. We implement complex Smart Home technologies, install electric vehicle charging stations, do full commercial electrical safety checks, and more.

Startech Electric Austin TX
StarTech's Team of Electricians
Startech Electric Lake Travis Texas
StarTech Electrical Contractors

StarTech Team No. 1

Travis Bade

Team Leader

Travis Bade is a native Austinite. He attended Lake Travis ISD from kindergarten through high school and obtained an associate degree in Power Technology and Renewable Energy from Austin Community College. Travis began his electrician career working with JMEG Electrical Contractors in 2010. JMEG is one of the nation’s most respected commercial electric contractors. While working with JMEG, Travis was responsible for installing and maintaining all aspects of electrical installation on the Circuit of Americas Formula One race track. Travis oversaw his team's install of the complete below-grade electrical infrastructure. Travis also managed and assisted with the electrical setup and maintenance for all events at the race track and venue. Prior to JMEG, Travis worked for Travis County Water District 17 as a field electrician. He was responsible for the maintenance of equipment control panels, electrical pump motors, and the electrical automated system for all area utility water facilities. Travis is now team leader for StarTech Electric, providing installation and maintenance for private residential and commercial electrical applications. Travis is a top-notch electrician.

Bradley Pennington

Apprentice Helper

Travis’s electrical apprentice helper, Bradley Pennington, is a native Austinite and a graduate of Lake Travis ISD. Brad has a broad range of experience in new construction of residential and light commercial projects. Brad knows his way around a job site and is great at interfacing between project ownership and general contractors. Brad is computer-savvy and understands detailed plans and schematics. He is an over-qualified apprentice and StarTech Electric is lucky to have him.

StarTech Electricians

StarTech Team No. 2

Fred Holsinger

Team Leader

Fred Holsinger and his wife Deb have lived in Lakeway for the past 13 years. During their 45-year marriage, they have raised two beautiful daughters and now enjoy four amazing grandchildren. Fred was raised in the Midwest but moved to Houston when he was 16 years old. He attended the University of Houston and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. Fred began his amazing career as an ASME design engineer and worked as an operations manager as well as a quality control manager for a pressure vessel fabrication company. In 1992 a job promotion took Fred and his young family to Indiana only for them to return to Texas in 2003 to begin StarTech Electric. Fred is a seasoned operator of StarTech Electric and for the past 14 years, he has been providing quality professional electrical service to his Lake Travis friends and neighbors, including the local police and fire and rescue departments. Fred is knowledgeable of the electrical issues that can arise and works very hard to “Keep Lakeway Lit!”

Alan Graef

Apprentice Helper

Fred’s Electrical Apprentice Helper, Alan Graef, attended Lake Travis ISD from kindergarten through high school. Alan grew up next door to Fred, his team leader, and as a result, the two of them work great together. Alan is the best “attic rat” on the planet, which is a huge compliment to Alan. The better you are at being an attic rat, the less time you need to spend in the attic or crawl space. Electrical troubleshooting in the attic or crawl space consumes a huge amount of time, and it’s almost always a very uncomfortable location. Having an experienced electrician helper that can navigate the attic quickly is very valuable to an electrical service team. Alan is a huge help!

StarTech Electrical

StarTech Team No. 3

Ian Franich

Team Leader

Ian Franich moved to the Lake Travis area 12 years ago and graduated from Lake Travis High School in 2006. He has extensive knowledge in low-voltage residential and commercial electrical applications. Ian spent more than four years installing and maintaining Home/Office Automation. Onsite security systems in both home applications, as well as workplace applications, are one of Ian’s specialties. He has installed and maintained hundreds of integrated stand-alone security systems that interface with cutting-edge security technologies and has years of experience in home and office theater installation and maintenance. Aside from being an excellent electrician, Ian has a broad knowledge of both low- and standard-voltage circuitry. Ian is an electrical troubleshooter who can troubleshoot both systems and quickly determine the root cause for interruption as well as the safest, quickest, and most economical solutions. Ian allows StarTech Electric to provide a knowledgeable and experienced electricity technician in both low- and standard-voltage applications, which is something very few electrical service companies can provide. Startech is very pleased to have Ian as one of our team leaders.

Riley "Chip" Groat

Apprentice Helper

Ian’s electrical apprentice helper, Riley “Chip” Groat, has lived and worked in Austin since 1979. Chip is knowledgeable in new construction, both residential and light commercial. He has spent many years learning the ins and outs of construction, and he has worked in the framing trade, in HVAC, and now in the electrical trade. The ability to apply a combined knowledgebase to a specific application is another asset to StarTech Electric and Team No. 3. Like his team leader Ian, Chip can also troubleshoot any electrical problem and quickly determine cause and remedy. Chip once was a professional golfer and enjoys 18 holes every chance he gets.

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