A full range of Residential Electrical Services


  • New construction, remodels, and additions

  • Upgrades, improvements, and installs

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting


  • Annual safety checks for fire hazards and improper use

  • Replace old and worn outlets and fixtures

  • Maintain efficiency and reduce utility bills


  • Broken lights, fixtures, and outlets

  • Overloaded circuits, outlets, and wiring

  • Telephone, cable, and utility lines

A full range of Commercial Electrical Services


  • ​New construction and build-outs

  • Custom design indoor and outdoor lighting

  • Remodels, expansions, and upgrades


  • Annual maintenance and checkups

  • Grounding and surge protection

  • Bulb replacement and maintenance


  • Faulty switches and overloaded outlets

  • Computer, telephone, and power lines

  • Rewires and upgrades

StarTech Electric Austin TX

Proudly Providing Reliable Electrical Solutions
Throughout Greater Austin

In today's residential and commercial environment, there's a need for reliable electrical systems and services that enhance productivity, promote safety, increase performance, and reduce electricity spending. Equally essential is a trusted electrical contractor to provide these reliable installation and maintenance solutions.

StarTech Electric takes pride in offering stellar and reliable electrical services for residential and commercial clients in the greater Austin area. Since 2006, we've developed a solid reputation as a leading electrical contractor. We know clients' unique challenges and understand how to provide solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Services We Offer

StarTech Electric is proud to offer a broad range of turnkey electrical capabilities, including design-build, maintenance, and repair. With a reputation built on excellence, work ethic and extreme commitment to getting projects completed the first time and on budget, we’re the go-to electrician throughout Lakeway, Lake Travis, Spicewood, Bee Cave, Steiner, and surrounding cities.

All work is performed by the StarTech Electric team, which consists of seasoned electricians and apprentices. With their expertise and experience across a wide range of electrical fields, we'll deliver your projects on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Fixture Upgrades

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are essential components of your home’s interior decor. Beyond the design element, lighting can influence the mood and ambiance of your home and can affect productivity.

Upgrading fans reduces the dependence on HVAC systems, saving energy costs. For your fixture upgrades in Lake Travis and the rest of Greater Austin, reach out to the electricians at StarTech Elec! 

More Than Just Fixture Upgrades

Fixture upgrade can seem like an ideal DIY task, but it isn’t. Upgrading your home’s lighting and fans goes beyond the installation.

It’s about taking your existing decor into consideration and finding the styles and colors that blend in perfectly. It’s about understanding your energy consumption and taking steps to bring down your energy costs using new technologies. That’s why we are StarTech Elec; we leave nothing to chance.

StarTech Elec is a local and operated electrical company providing stellar electrical services for residences and businesses in Lake Travis and the surrounding area since 2006.

All our technicians are licensed, insured, up to date on the latest advancements in the industry, and equipped with remarkable skills to execute your electrical upgrade project. We also deliver our high-level services at affordable pricing, completing your job within the agreed budget. 

Why Upgrade Your Fixtures

Fixture upgrades are a simple method of enhancing the look and feel of your home. Light fixtures and ceiling fans come in various designs and can be the visual focal point of a room. More than the aesthetics, upgrading your indoor lighting improves the functionality of your home, optimizes energy usage, and makes the home comfier for everyone. 

Whether you’re installing energy-efficient lighting in the hallways or ceiling fans on the patio to make backyard parties more comfortable, our electricians will work with you to improve the feel and look of your home, cut down on energy costs, and ensure you enjoy all the benefits of fixture upgrades.

How Can We Help?

For turnkey commercial and residential electrical solutions and services, call us at (512) 261-8866. Whether you need help with a new installation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance, or repair, our skilled electrical staff is standing by to discuss how we can help with your project. We are glad to serve the whole of Austin and neighboring cities.

Electrical Fixture Upgrades

Fixture Upgrades

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are essential components of your home’s interior decor. Beyond the design element, lighting can influence the mood and ambiance of your home and can affect productivity.

Lightning Bolt

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

The only way to make sure your home electronics survive our Lake Travis lightning is to install a whole-home surge protector. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Have you purchased an electronic vehicle? Charge your EV at home to take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates.

Pool Lighting & Outdoor Lighting

Pools and Outdoor Living

Don’t trust your outdoor living space to anyone. Let us help you achieve a look and functionality you love.

Boat Dock Lighting

Boat Docks

Keep your boat dock looking great and working at its best.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Sparky does appearances and educational training about electrical safety.  This is a good fit for kids in pre-school, elementary school, scouts, and after-school programs. Call us to schedule (512)261-8866.

Electrical Remodel

Electrical Remodels

If your home was built a few years ago, it could already be time for an electrical remodel. Bring your home current to support new innovations in technology.

Service Panel Upgrades

Service Panel Upgrades

Replace an old electrical service panel with new wiring.

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