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Why You Need an Electrician That Is Licensed and Insured

There are times when you examine some minor electrical malfunctions, and wonder why you need to hire a licensed electrician when you could simply do it yourself with the guidance of YouTube videos. Even if you hire an electrician, you may be unconcerned about whether they're licensed or insured, instead prioritizing the lower labor rate over anything else. But those are dangerous routes to take. Here are some reasons why you cannot dispense with a licensed and insured electrician:

They have the right training

It's general knowledge that electrical work is often very dangerous, particularly with the obvious risk of electrocution when handling electrical appliances.

Licensed electricians on the other hand, had to train for years and earn certification pronouncing them as experts for electrical operations. There are no better qualified individuals than licensed professionals, and that's why you need them for electrical fixes and installations in and around the house.

To secure permits

When you decide to handle your electrical repairs or wire your home yourself, you have to go through all the hassles of getting the permits yourself.

However, hiring a licensed electrician will save you all the stress of getting the permits. These professionals have been in the business for years, and understand not only the required permit type, but also how to go about it. With a licensed electrician, you have less to worry about.

Prevent liability issues if there's a disaster

Using an insured electrician offers protection for you and your property in case something goes wrong. If an accident results in injuries or damages, you could be held responsible and may have to cover the costs if the electrician is uninsured. On the other hand, if the electrician is insured, their insurance will kick in, helping you save costs on repairs/replacement of property and medical bills.

For safety

Licensed electricians have to go through a whole lot of training under supervision before they get certified and licensed. Additionally, the fact they're licensed means they're familiar with and strictly adhere to the highest standards of safety.

In other words, they follow safety codes and regulations, many of which are accompanied by legislation, with stiff penalties for non-compliance. This way, you are guaranteed that all your electrical work will follow a predictable pattern that guarantees your safety and those of everyone in the building.

We can all agree that most property owners have none of such levels of training. Even worse, doing it yourself, or using an unlicensed electrician would essentially mean putting everyone else at risk.

Never cut corners when it comes to electrical work. You’re better off hiring a licensed and insured electrician.

Prevent costly mistakes, legal issues, code violations, substandard work, and dangerous events that could result from hiring an unlicensed and uninsured electrician. If you need an electrician, StarTech Electric is here for you. We are insured and licensed electricians who can ensure your job is done efficiently, safely, according to code, and with protection for you and your property in the unlikely event of an accident. Request a service today.


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