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Why Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are very significant components of your home's interior decor. Besides the design element, lighting can influence your home's ambiance and mood and considerably affect productivity.

However, as they’re electrical components, you have even more reason to upgrade them. This is because when it comes to lighting fixtures, most people seem to adopt the “if they are not broken, why replace them” approach. Nevertheless, your fixtures need to be upgraded, as what was new ten years ago can be seen as outdated or archaic. Here are some reasons you need to upgrade your light fixtures.

To improve energy efficiency

Modern home light fixtures are designed to save and minimize energy usage in the house as opposed to the older models created for highly powered halogen or fluorescent bulbs. For that reason, those models will cost you a whole lot of money spent on energy bills that could be used for other things in the home.

Maximize home safety

Another important reason to consider upgrading your home lighting fixtures is the safety of your home. As we mentioned earlier, older models are more compatible with halogens and fluorescent bulbs and both can get really hot, which may lead to a fire outbreak in your home.

You can also install light fixtures with motion sensors; they'll light up immediately to illuminate those late-night bathroom trips, while those outdoors would help scare intruders away.

For better illumination

The shape and design of your light fixtures may look pretty but what is most important is whether or not they give enough lighting. Certain outdated light fixtures may not adequately serve illumination needs for other areas, thereby reducing the functionality of that area. So, consider upgrading them if they don't provide enough light in your home.

Create ambiance

Upgrading your home lighting fixtures is an excellent way to give your home that ambiance you've always wanted. You have an array of options to choose from. For example, blue lights give your room a calm and warm feeling and can even be considered romantic by many people. You can change the style of lights to match each room in your home.

To comply with modern electrical standards

Upgrading your lighting fixtures will help you comply with electrical building codes. Electrical building codes are rules and regulations that are put in place to set standards for electrical design and installations and to ensure safety and avoid electrical hazards. These codes are reviewed every three years, so your old light fixtures may not meet the requirements of the revised codes. Hence the need for an upgrade.

Do you need an upgrade?

It's essential to have your home lighting fixtures upgraded by knowledgeable and well-trained professionals. At StarTech Electric, we provide a full range of premium electrical services for commercial and residential clients and will give you your money's worth. Request a quote today.

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