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How Camera Doorbells Can Improve Security

Home security is foremost in the minds of many homeowners. And it’s not hard to see why - we all want to keep our homes safe and protect our loved ones. Thanks to the rise of smart technology, one increasingly popular device that can enhance security is the camera doorbell. How do camera doorbells work, and how can they improve security?

How camera doorbells work

Camera doorbells are equipped with a camera, microphone, and much more. They also come with motion sensors and have recording capabilities. When someone rings the doorbell, it chimes. The presence of someone also triggers the motion sensor, which activates the camera to begin recording automatically. A notification is also sent to your phone via a WIFI connection. Opening the camera doorbell app enables you to watch the live feed and communicate with whoever is at the door.

How camera doorbells improve security

Deters and help catches intruders

Camera doorbells are like security yard signs that let potential intruders know they will be recorded if they attempt to break in. When burglars scope out homes to attack, they will less likely target your home as they don’t want to be caught. And if they’re foolish enough to break into your home, camera doorbells automatically save high-definition recordings that help law enforcement catch them.

Help you see who’s ringing the doorbell

Gone are the days when you need to peep through the spyhole or open the door to know who’s ringing the doorbell. With camera doorbells, you can open your camera on the mobile app and verify the identity of visitors before answering the door. This helps to prevent close contact with potentially dangerous persons.

Monitoring of deliveries

You don’t have to be at home to take delivery of the items you purchased. Camera doorbells enable you to have a two-way conversation with the delivery person and direct them to place the package in a secure spot. You can also monitor the item from your phone and provide valuable evidence to law enforcement if it's stolen.

Surveillance system

Camera doorbells have motion sensors that trigger and begin recording when someone is at your front door. You’ll also get notified on your phone and can watch the live feed. Video footage is also saved so you can watch it later. This means you can keep track of activities near your home, whether you're at work or away on vacation.

Don’t take any chances. Let StarTech Electric secure your home with a camera doorbell today.

A camera doorbell lets you improve security and add an extra layer of protection to your home. However, the efficiency of a camera doorbell hinges largely on the installation. That’s why you want the professionals at StarTech Electric to handle the installation.

Our team of technicians has the experience and skills to set up your camera doorbell and ensure it functions optimally. Don’t take any chances with your home's security. Request a quote today.

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