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Hire an Electrician to Install Your In-Home EV Charging Station in Spicewood, TX

There’s a growing demand for in-home EV charging Stations in Spicewood, TX, and the rest of the country, thanks to the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

If you’ve bought an EV here in Spicewood or have had one for long, it’s time you had your own EV charging station right in your home. Our professionals will work with you to ensure the purchase, and installation of your new EV charging station is hassle-free.

Home EV Charging in Spicewood Made Easy

The EV experience is even better with a charging station in your home.

And at StarTech Elec, we’re here to make reenergizing your EV happen in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Here’s the process to begin filling up at home!

  1. Call us at (512) 261-8866. Our experts will assess your vehicle and home’s electrical system to determine if there’s enough capacity to handle an EV charging station. You’ll answer some questions and send photos of your open service panel. For complex locations and buildings, we’ll schedule a site visit.

  2. Receive an accurate estimate.

  3. Our EVSE crew is familiar with all codes and standards and will provide a professional, safe, and reliable installation that meets your needs. We’ll upgrade your service panel and improve your grid to accommodate the EV charging station circuit if needed.

See? So easy!

EV Charging Station Repair and Replacement

If there’s an issue with your existing EV charging station, we can troubleshoot and fix the problem.

We understand that you need to charge your EV daily and don’t have the luxury of time to wait till Monday morning. Our response time is short, and we’ll send a team to your home so you can get back on track.

Why Fill Up With StarTech Elec?

Affordable - The increasing popularity of EVs and EV charging stations means that prices are not as high as they used to be. What’s more, our transparent pricing system lets you know the exact service you’re getting.

Safety - Our local installers are licensed and qualified. They follow manufacturer’s guidelines, local codes, and industry’s best practices to provide an installation that’s safe, fast, and reliable.

Trusted by Brands - We’re trusted by different auto and EV charger manufacturing brands to provide reliable, industry-standard home charging station installation in Spicewood and surrounding cities.

Fast Charging - We deploy the latest technology to ensure your EV charging station is super duper fast, minimizing charge time and reenergizing your EV. '

Smart, Fast, Home EV Charging Station in Spicewood, TX

It can be frustrating having to wait an entire day to fully charge your EV. With us, you don’t have to settle for a charging station that takes so long.

Whether you live in a single-family home or multi-unit dwelling in the Spicewood area, the StarTech Elec team will install a charging station that won’t let you down when you need it the most. Request an estimate today.


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