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Lake Travis Texas


Highlight your space and bring life into outdoor living with our electrical and lighting solutions! Add personality and functionality to your outdoor space with innovative and unique upgrades!

StarTech Electric carries an extensive line of solutions for your pool, spa, patio, and other outdoor living space, from accent lighting along pathways to downlighting in pools that emits an illuminating glow in the dark.

For a functional and personalized outdoor look that embodies everything you've envisioned in an outdoor space, we'll work to accomplish it.

Define Your Outdoor Character

Impossible, you may think, for lighting to define your outdoor living space. But like an individual, pergolas, patios, pools, gazebos, and fireplaces have their own identities too. You've spent money and time building these outdoor structures and selecting beautiful plants and shrubs. But, it's the lighting that sets the tone and mood, giving it a distinctive character that showcases your personality.

Lighting with Endless Possibilities

You can have lighting casting their illumination upon your lush shrubs and trees, and the plants, in turn, casting beautiful shadows across the surface of the pool. LED and multi-colored remote-controlled RGB lights can be installed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and customize your pool space.

In-floor lighting can transform your deck into a sight to behold. Lighting, in different colors, can complement the landscaping and dictate the tone for your evening party.

Rope lighting can accentuate the perimeter of your garden, providing beautiful illumination and lighting the walkway for guests.

Just dream it. With StarTech Electric handling your pool and outdoor living needs, the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Lighting Installation
Pool Lighting Install

Pro Contractor for Pro Outdoor Lighting

No one gives what they don't have. When looking to create your ideal outdoor living space, working with professionals makes all the difference. The experts at StarTech Electric have the expertise to assess your space and its unique features to design a lighting plan customized to your taste and needs.

With a broad knowledge of designs, styles, colors, and other elements, we'll add the sparkle to your lighting design that lets you get the most out of every outdoor moment.

Amp Up Your Outdoor Space

When looking for a team to help you achieve that beautiful and functional outdoor look, turn to the experts at StarTech Elec. We provide innovative custom lighting and electrical solutions for pools and outdoor living spaces. We serve Travis County, TX, bringing creativity and in-vogue design to clients' doorsteps. For the best outdoor LED lighting installation Austin TX offers, contact our team of outdoor and pool electricians today! 

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