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Commercial Electrician Serving Lakeway, TX

Is your business having issues with your electrical equipment and needs the assistance of a professional? At StarTech Electric, we provide expert commercial electrical services in Lakeway, TX. Electrical functionality and safety are essential on a job site. Our team ensures that your business is running as it should. We are insured and licensed, and we continually train to stay ahead of emerging technologies and new regulations. 

StarTech Electric adheres to the highest safety standards with every commercial project. We have proudly been serving the region since 2006 and are committed to excellence. Whether your business is losing power, has loose cables, dimming lights, or more, you can rely on our professionals to safely and efficiently complete your project. Contact StartTech Electric in Lakeway, TX, for more information about our commercial electrical services and how we can assist you!

Commercial Electrical Services:

  • Remodels & New Construction

  • Indoor and Outdoor Wiring

  • Annual safety checks

  • Lines for telephone, cable, and utility

  • Dangerously overloaded circuit

  • EV Charging Stations

  • Hot Tub/Pool Connections 

  • Security Camera Wiring

Common electrical problems in commercial buildings

A commercial building needs electrical systems to function appropriately for work to be completed safely and efficiently. As commercial sites require many complex wiring and electrical systems, it's vital that they are performing seamlessly. When electrical systems malfunction, it puts people and the building itself at risk. Professional commercial electricians can determine the source of the electrical issues on your site.

Below are a few of the most common electrical problems in a commercial building.

Flickering or dimming lights

If you notice flickering or dimming lights, that can mean that you have a poor connection within your electrical systems. It's important to get this assessed as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage. A commercial electrician can inspect your property and find the source of the issue and provide a solution.

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Power Loss

When you lose power in your site, you cannot use any of your electrical systems, which causes more downtime and risks for injury. If you have an emergency generator that can help in the meantime. Power loss can cause a wide range of disruptions, so it's important to call an electrician as soon as possible so you can continue with operations. 

Tripping breakers

Tripping breaks are one of the most common electrical issues in a commercial building. Breakers get tripped because of an overload, a short circuit, or a ground fault. Tripping breakers can be a fire hazard, which poses a wide range of risks for your employees, customers, and job site. When these issues occur, have a professional electrician inspect the wiring and address the electrical concern to avoid causing danger to you or anyone around you. 

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Dead outlets

Outlets are an essential component of electrical systems. When outlets do not function as they should, your business can see lower productivity levels and better performance. Poor circuit connections or tripping breakers can cause issues with outlets and potentially cause a fire. When you notice problems with your outlets, contact a professional. 

Unprotected wiring

Safe wiring keeps you connected and your electrical systems working. When your wires are not covered appropriately, they are vulnerable to mishaps and potential issues down the line. Safety is the top priority with any electrical system, so wiring should be covered at all times. 

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