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Lake Travis

Electrical Services Company in Lakeway, TX

Do you notice electrical issues within your home in Lakeway, TX? 
At StarTech Electric, we provide expert residential electrical services in Lakeway, TX. Electrical functionality and safety are essential components of a home so that you can use your TV, lights, and other devices. Your home is a significant investment, so it's vital to protect it with high-quality electrical services. Lighting ensures your safety, security, and ability to navigate through your home. 

The StarTech Electric professionals take every measure to ensure your home is safe and efficient. We are insured and licensed, and we continually train to stay ahead of emerging technologies and new regulations. StarTech Electric adheres to the highest safety standards with every project. We have proudly been serving the region since 2006 and are committed to excellence. Contact StartTech Electric in Lakeway, TX, for more information about our residential electrical services and how we can assist you!

Residential electrical services:

  • New construction, remodels, and additions

  • Upgrades, improvements, and installs

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting

  • Annual safety checks for fire hazards and improper use

  • Replace old and worn outlets and fixtures

  • Maintain efficiency and reduce utility bills

  • Broken lights, fixtures, and outlets

  • Overloaded circuits, outlets, and wiring

  • Telephone, cable, and utility lines

Common residential electrical issues

Flickering lights

If you notice that your lights are not working as they should, and often flickering, that can be a sign or a poor connection. Over time that can result in overheating and other electrical issues. 

Startech Electricians Fixture Upgrades
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Warm outlets

Warm outlets can be a sign of a severe electrical issue, so it's important to contact a professional as soon as possible to assess the situation.

Broken light switch

Is your light switch not turning off and on? If that's the case, there can be multiple things causing the disruption. Professional electricians can determine the source and repair it so you can use the lights in your home. 

Image by Isabella and Louisa Fischer
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